The 6 Trends in Interior Design

Gregory Gonzales

Zello-Before-After-440x240Trends can come and go, but sometimes there are things that resist over time. Interior decorator experts will tell you that some interior designs trends that will never go out of style, and, in the end, this is the goal of every homeowner – to have a beautiful and welcoming house for a longer period of time.

The home experts can predict how the preferences will change with the season and what will be used most for the next period of time. They make their pick based on what people ask for and what interior decorators do.

Here is what will never get out of style, summed up in a list of 6 points:

1. The Healthy Home

There is always the question: Why do you need to change that, because it’s perfectly ok? Well, to be true in the answer, you may want some cabinets without formaldehyde in their structure, a better system for the filtration of air or finishes that give off no gasses.

Whatever the reason behind the change is, it’s simple to understand that people need a healthy home. All the changes that are made have this goal, because it’s better to live in a clean environment that in a space that gives off different harmful substances.

2. It’s All About Comfort

When you consider making a change in your home, think about what you can improve in your house that will also increase your comfort. It’s important to choose something that will last, not just one year, but for a longer period of time.

Think about heated floors first of all, because these are so important in a bathroom. It will increase the comfort of course, as the bathroom is one room where you spend a considerable amount of time in the morning to get ready for a new day. Also, think about the towel racks that are heated – this way your towels will dry so much faster, without keeping the specific humidity that we associate with them.

3. Life Cycle

Architect and energy efficient home

When you choose a product for your home, think about its life. There are companies who deliver beautiful products made from recycling or reusing other materials. Wood sometimes can be even prettier if it’s old, and you may find beautiful furniture made out of recycled wood. Moreover, think about reusing what you already have, by transforming or improving your own items.

Interior designers say that these items are extremely versatile, as they have a lot of personality. Use them wisely and enjoy their presence in your rooms.



4. Move or Remodel

It’s a choice some people have to make: move into another house, or remodel they one they already live in. If you make a cost analysis, sometimes one is cheaper than the other, but you just have to see which one of them it is.

Both of them have advantages and disadvantages, but remodeling what you already have allows you to use a space that you know extremely well and improve its functions. It’s not always easy, but it can save you a lot of money, because, most of the times, when you buy a new house, you will pay for the chosen house and also for designing the entire place.

5. Metals

Don’t worry if this seems strange, because metal has been a part of the interior decoration themes for a long time now. Choose accent pieces, like sinks or lighting, but you’ll see the difference once you introduce this into your personal space.

6. Colors

Colors are eye catching and might make the difference between a dull interior and an exquisite one. Designers don’t always go for a single color, because there are so many interesting colors to choose from, that it’s simply hard to set for just one.

As o homeowner, you get to decide what color you choose for your interior, so you can go for anything you like, as long as it comes out a great interior, of course.

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