Popular Kitchen Trends that aren’t going away soon

Gregory Gonzales

For many homeowners, updating the kitchen is a satisfying and fulfilling task that allows them to spruce up their home with modern style and design. Choosing your new design, however, isn’t always the easiest of tasks because there are so many ideas and possibilities. Do you want something contemporary or do you prefer the timeless look of antique? Is the modern appeal written all over your face? If you are someone that loves traditional decorating, take a look at these popular kitchen trends that have been around for a while and aren’t going anywhere any time soon.


Quartz Countertops

The choices in countertops is endless these days but it is still the Quartz countertop that remains popular throughout the years. This countertop type is appealing visually and long-lasting. Additionally quartz is nearly maintenance free!

Induction Cooking

Induction cooking has numerous benefits enjoyed by those who add it to their home. It makes it quicker and easier to cook all of the family’s favorite means, it is safer (especially for homes with small children) and it is nice to look at.

Single Level Island

In the middle of the kitchen our single level island adds charm, space and character to the room. Your island is multi-purpose and versatile, so you can prep meals, serve them, gather to do your homework or use it for additional storage. The kitchen island has been popular for quite some time and with little wonder. It is a truly wonderful addition to the kitchen.

Integrated Appliances

Integrated appliances, or those built-in, are increasingly becoming popular with each passing year. They certainly add a level of character to the room that isn’t ordinarily found. You’ll appreciate the built-in systems that are easy to use and so much fun!

Vibrant Color

Forget the dull and boring plain kitchen and say hello to a beautiful and vibrant kitchen that is packed with color. Homeowners today are choosing awesome hues for their kitchen, from neon green sinks to neon pink cabinets. Who says you have to be ordinary to be cool? This is one awesome trend!

Open Cabinets

Forgot those doors and opt for open cabinets. This stylish look adds appeal to the kitchen, but also makes life much easier. The ideas for open cabinets are endless, so let your creativity soar to select the plan that best suits your kitchen and your desires.

Are any of these trends renovations that you wish to consider? If you want an updated, stylish kitchen set with timeless traditions, these additions will do you right! These are just some of the many timeless kitchen trends that homeowners continue to love. And so will you.


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