Get it in Writing: The importance of a Written Contract

Gregory Gonzales

Get it in Writing: The importance of a Written Contract

Whether you want to add a new room onto your home, want to remodel the kitchen or the bathroom or have other ideas in mind, it is likely that a home improvement contractor is a necessary person to hire to assist with the job. Professionals make light work of the job, handling it impeccably, ensuring that things are completed right, the first time. But before you hire a contractor for the job make sure that you are hiring only a reputable provider. There are many unlicensed contractors out there. Hiring them might save you a few hundred dollars, but the results can be far more devastating than you could ever imagine. It is vital that you have a contract, and this is not something that an unlicensed contractor is going to readily offer to you.

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What is a Contract?

A contract is a very simple paper that basically lays it all on the line. The contract states the job that is being performed and the date of completion for that job. The contract details the total cost of the job and any monies you’ve paid in already, if anything. The contract also outline the terms of payment, terms of job completion and more. The paper is then signed by both the contractor and the homeowner that is having the work performed, as well as dated.

The Writing is on the Paper

Contracts ensure that you get what you have paid for without headache or hassle. While this doesn’t always ensure a smooth job, it does ensure that, should mishap occur or the job isn’t finished, you have the proof that you need to win a court case.

The contractor should have a contract readily available to sign, with the specifics of the job written into the contractor. If one is not readily available, it is the duty of the contractor to create it. Before signing it, make sure that you read over it thoroughly. There is always room for errors on a document and those errors could be costly. Don’t allow this to happen to you.

The Bottom Line

Contracts are very valuable, even when there is only minor work being performed on your house. Never start any kind of job until there is one in place that you agree with. It could be a costly mistake that you do not want to experience in your life.

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